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What is Alex Trebek like? I didn't really get a chance to meet him, except on the set, during shooting. Aside from the interviews, which he controlled, he made comments about my Final Jeopardy! questions. Between shows, he would talk to the audience. He seemed to have a sharp sense of humor, making a couple cutting remarks in response to some questions.
How many of the questions does Alex know before the show? He claims to know between sixty and seventy percent of the questions when they are presented to him for his final approval. This would put him even with the average contestant.
Are the contestants given the categories before the game? Absolutely NOT! The questions are arranged by the writers board by board (sometimes there are theme boards), but the specific board for a game is selected at random just before taping. Usually during a week with a holiday, a category pertaining to that holiday, or holidays in general will appear. For example, during my second game, which aired the week of Thanksgiving, there was a category on American Indians.

Since the boards are chosen at random and the players' names are picked just before each game, there is no way the contestants could be briefed-- which is the way everybody wants it. It is a federal offense to rig a TV game show, and there is a person on the set at all times to ensure that it doesn't happen.

When are you going back? I'm not. One chance is all you get, and I've had mine. One fan out there, though, believes they owe me another shot. According to him, the Census Bureau had data that showed that Nevada's population had gone over the 10 per square mile mark by the time they were taping my show, and that made Nevada a wrong answer; and since Jim's accepted answer included Nevada, he shouldn't have won: I should.

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