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1. World History $100 In 1967 this country exploded its first H-bomb at its Lob Nor test site in Sinkiang Province. What is (PRC) (Red) China?
2. World History $200 A civil war in Paris during his youth convinced this king to build his palace at Versailles. Who was Louis XIV?
3. World History $300 Long the ruling party in this country, the PRI won the 1988 election by the lowest margin in history. What is Mexico?
4. World History $400 The first great building on the Acropolis wat this one built between 447 & 438 BC. What is the Parthenon?
5. The Universe $100 In 1986 Giotto, a craft launched by the European Space Agency, got within 335 miles of this comet's nucleus. What is Halley's Comet?
6. World History
$500 In a famous race, these two men reached the South Pole, one in December, 1911, the other five weeks later. Who were Amundsen and Scott?
7. The Universe $200 Horsehead, Triffid, and Crab are three examples of these clouds of interstellar matter. What are nebulae?
8. The Universe $300 On Nov. 30, 1954, a Mrs. Hodges of Sylacauga, Alabama, became the only person on record to be injured by one of these. What is a meteorite?
9. Actors' Real Names $100 It's the "noble" stage name of John Joseph Ryan, who starred on "Hawaii-Five-O." Who is Jack Lord?
10. The Universe $400 This term for a star that has undergone a complete gravitational collapse was coined in the 1960's. What is a black hole?
11. The Universe $500 This outermost part of the solar atmosphere can be seen during a total solar eclipse. What is the corona?
12. Actors' Real Names $200 "Silverstreak" star Jerome Silberman. Who is Gene Wilder?
13. Actors' Real Names $300 Ronald Pierce, who swung through the jungle as TV's Tarzan in the 1960's, acts under this name. Who is Ron Ely?
14. Food & Drink $100 With the hull left on, it's called brown; with it removed, it's white and called "polished." What is rice?
15. Food & Drink $200 You can't beat this soup which is made from beets. What is borscht?
16. Food & Drink $300 The Larousse Gastronomique says quiche originated in this French province. Where is Lorraine?
17. Food & Drink $400 Lyophilization is the scientific name of this process used to produce instant coffee. What is freeze-drying?
18. Food & Drink $500 Escoffier came up with this fruit & ice cream dish in 1892 to honor a star of "Lohengrin." What is Peche Melba?
19. Gardening $100 Junipers and Japanese Maples are especially suited for this type of tree dwarfing. What is Bonsai?
20. Gardening $200 These little red beetles will help guard your garden from aphids, scale and spider mites. What are ladybird beetles (ladybugs)?
21. Gardening $300 Some roses form these seed pods rich in vitamin-C after they bloom and drop their petals. What are rose hips?
22. Gardening $400 Ladies' Slippers, Ladies' Tresses, and Dragon's Mouth are examples of this exotic flower. What are orchids?
23. Actors' Real Names $400 He used to be Hugh Krampe, but he shot to fame as Wyatt Earp under this name. Who is Hugh O'Brien?
24. Actors' Real Names $500 Seen on "Happy Days," his real name is Anson Heimlich, & his cousin invented the Heimlich Maneuver. Who is Anson Williams?
25. Rhyme Time $100 An over-eater of sheep meat. What is a mutton-glutton?
26. Rhyme Time $200 A rapid reeling of fishing line. What is a fast cast?
27. Rhyme Time $300 In boxing, it could be Caesar's Palace or Madison Square Garden. What is a fight site?
28. Gardening $500 Used for lawns & golf courses, it's usually listed last alphabetically among grasses. What is zoisha?
29. Rhyme Time $400 Animator Tex Avery described this Walter Lanz penguin as devoid of personality. Who is Chiily Willy?
30. Rhyme Time $500 He takes the minutes at a pow-wow. What is the tribe scribe?

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Final Jeopardy!

31. Poe $200 Completes the line from "To Helen"
    "To the Glory that was Greece and ..."/
What is "And the Grandeur that was Rome?
32. Poe $400 In this tale, William LeGrand and his servant Jupiter find a rare entomological specimen. What is the Gold Bug?
33. Poe $600 An 1845 poem set in December, at midnight, in a chamber. What is "The Raven?"
34. Poe $800 We're not sure who was the Last of the Mohicans, but we do know Roderick was the last man in this line. What is the "House of Usher?"
35. Poe $1000 According to the Oxford Companion to American Literature, they were sleigh, wedding, alarm and funeral. What were the bells?
36. Artists $200 When this Spanish surrealist died, there was no rush to buy his prints because there were so many of them. Who was Salvador Dali?
37. Religion $200 Though Hindus disapprove of killing any animals, they regard the slaying of these animals as the worst offense. What are cows?
38. Magazines $200 Its name is a pronoun, the objective case of "we." What is "Us?"
39. Magazines $400 As you might expect, "Smithsonian" is published in this city. What is Washington, DC?
40. U.S. Cities $200 Called the German Athens in the 19th century, this Wisconsin city is a leadin center of German culture in the U.S. What is Milwaukee?
41. Artists $400 His photo silkscreens include "Liz," "Jackie," and "Elvis" as well as "Marilyn." Who was Andy Warhol?
42. Artists $600 It was recently said of this artist, "He's far more than cowboys and Indians, (he) is uncannily modern." Who was Frederic Remington?
43. Artists $800 The New Yorker first published one of this cartoonists ghoulish works in 1935, long before the TV show (or movie). Who was Charles Addams?
44. Artists $1000 German-born artist famous for his portraits of the court of Henry VIII. Who was Hans Holbein?
45. Religion $400 Mormons regard both of these books as the Word of God. What are the Bible and the Book of Mormon?
46. Religion $600 In most Orthodox Synogogues, they are separated; in Conservative and Reform, they are not. What are the sexes?
47. Religion $800 Muslim law allows a man to have up to four of these if he can support and care for each equally. What are wives?
48. Religion $1000 In March, 1989, thirty-five archbishops from this country met with the Pope to discuss their flock of 53 million. What is the United States?
49. Magazines $600 Of "Gourmet," "Vanity Fair," or "Connoisseur," the one that calls itself "The Guide to the Civilized World." What is "Connoiseur?"
50. Magazines
$800 The Magazine named for this naturalist celebrated its 100th aniversary in 1987. Who was Audubon?
51. U.S. Cities $400 Survey Sampling, Inc., calls this Iowa capital the number one city for market research. What is Des Moines?
52. U.S. Cities $600 An early visitor found Hohokam Indian ruins here and predicted a new city would rise from the ashes. What is Phoenix?
53. U.S. Cities $800 This city that earned its own song in "The Music Man," was named for an executive of U.S. Steel. What is Gary, Indiana?
54. U.S. Cities $1000 You had to send the earliest Kodaks back to this city to have the film inside developed. What is Rochester, NY?
55. Magazines $1000 It's now published by the Benjamin Franklin Literary and Medical Society; Curtis sold it in 1982. What is the Saturday Evening Post?
56. Dogs $200 A German word for "splashing in water" gave us the word puddle and this dog's name. What is a poodle?
57. Dogs $400 Pure white at birth, this dog's spots begin to appear when he's about three weeks old. What is a Dalmation?
58. Dogs $600 This smallest of dogs comes in all canine colors. What is a chihuahua?
59. Dogs $800 This "badger dog" was bred to keep its legs short so it could follow a badger into its burrow. What is a dachshund?
60. Dogs
$1000 Unlike the German miniature schnauser, most other breeds of this group originated in the British Isles. What are terriers?

61. Presidents

The last president who did not serve in the armed forces

(pre Clinton).

Who was Franklin D. Roosevelt?

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