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1. Technology $100 During the 15th - 17th centuries these developed from the matchlock to the wheellock to the flintlock. What are Guns?
2. Technology $200 In 1861, Elisha Otis patented an elevator driven by this, not electricity. What is steam?
3. Technology $300 Thomas Edison's cylindrical ones were superceded by Emile Berliner's flat variety. What are phonograph records?
4. Food $100 The pie named for this Confederate President contains pecans, raisins, dates and spices. Who was Jefferson Davis?
5. Food $200 It's the color of the squiggles on Hostess Chocolate Cup Cakes. What is white?
6. Technology $400 The two most common types of mechanical clocks are driven by weights or these. What are springs?
7. Technology $500 In 1983 Apple's Lisa computer gave PC's this device that moves the cursor around the screen. What is a mouse?
8. Starts with "E" $100 The ES in ESP stands for this kind of perception, which we don't have to tell you if you have it. What is Extra Sensory?
9. Starts with "E" $200 Dale Evans, Princess Anne, or any other horsewoman. What is an equestrienne?
10. Food $300 Blintzes are rolled ones, often filled with cheese. What are pancakes?
11. Starts with "E" $300 Thousands of years ago in Egypt, "Cleopatra's Mines" were a source of these gems. What are emeralds?
12. Food $400 The Welsh like to eat them, as well as wear them on St. David's Day. What are leeks?
13. Food $500 The "Honeycomb" variety of this meat comes from the 2nd stomach of a ruminant. What is tripe?
14. Starts with "E" $400 An exile, especially one who has renounced his native country. What is an expatriot?
15. Starts with "E" $500 A flat shoe which usually has a cloth upper and a flexible rope sole. What is an espadrille?
16. Singers $100 She was sweet 16 when she started cohosting a TV series with her brother Donny. Who is Marie Osmond?
17. American Indians $100 One of the villages of the Miami was this "skunk place" on Lake Michigan. What is Chicago?
18. American Indians $200 This Pawtuxet Indian who befriended the Pilgrims was also known as Tisquantum. Who was Squanto?
19. Singers $200 John Phillips fired her from the "Mamas and the Papas" on her 22nd birthday in front of a crowd of fans. Who is Michele Phillips?
20. Movies in Other Words $100 Croonin' During a Downpour What is "Singin' in the Rain?"
21. Movies in Other Words $200 Toss My Old Lady off that 4:18 What is "Throw Mama From the Train?"
22. Movies in Other Words $300 Everything Concerning Miss Harrington What is "All About Eve?"
23. Movies in Other Words $400 Speculate on which person will be visiting to share the main meal of the day. What is "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"
24. Movies in Other Words $500 I used to be an adolescent lycanthrope, myself What is "I Was a Teenage Werewolf?"
25. Singers $300 This Beach Boy resurfaced in 1988 and recorded his first solo album. Who was Brian Wilson?
26. Singers $400 Valerie Bertinelli is married to this hard rock hunk whose music might make you "Jump." Who is Eddie Van Halen?
27. Singers $500 His album "The Battle" dealt with the breakup of his marriage to Tammy Wynette. Who is George Jones?
28. American Indians
$300 This ceremonial object is also known as a calumet. What is a peace pipe?
29. American Indians $400 "Dark Bird" name of the man for whom a tragic 1832 war was named. Who was Black Hawk?
30. American Indians $500 Some say this President died after a month in office because Tecumseh's brother put a curse on him. Who was William Henry Harrison?

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31. Presidential Trivia $200 His 1925 inaugural address was the first to be broadcast on radio; he wasn't always silent. Who was Calvin Coolidge?
32. Presidential Trivia $400 This President once appeared in an ad saying he was sending Chesterfields to all his friends for Christmas. Who was Ronald Reagan?
33. Presidential Trivia $600 The first Secretary of State to become president. Who was Thomas Jefferson?
34. Presidential Trivia $800 He was known as the "Dude" President, "America's First Gentleman," and "Our Chet." Who was Chester Arthur?
35. Presidential Trivia $1000 Two of the three U.S. Presidents of Dutch Ancestry. Who were Martin Van Buren and both Roosevelts?
36. Playwrights $200 After World War II, Bertholdt Brecht founded his famous acting ensemble in this East German Capital. What was Berlin?
37. Playwrights $400 Mark Medoff wrote this Tony Award-winning play for deaf actress Phyllis Frelich. What is "Children of a Lesser God?"
38. New Year Babies $200 Famous early Americans born January 1st include Paul Revere in 1735 and this seamstress in 1752. Who was Betsy Ross?
39. Biblical Quotes $200 In the Book of Revelation the Lord says, "I am the Alpha and" this, the last Greek letter. What is omega?
40. Biblical Quotes $400 The Gospel According to St. John begins, "In the Beginning was" this. What is "the word?"
41. Biblical Quotes $600 Of Faith,Hope and Charity, the one St. Peter says "shall cover a multitude of sins." What is Charity?
42. New Year Babies $400 Born in Phoenix, Arizona, January 1, 1909, this politicians playsuits probably came from Pop's store. Who was Barry Goldwater?
43. New Year Babies $600 His file would tell you he was born in Washington, D.C., January 1, 1895, and served under eight presidents. Who was J. Edgar Hoover?
44. New Year Babies $800 Born in Florence, January 1, 1449, he inherited his dad's wealth and was de facto ruler of the republic. Who was Lorenzo (the Magnificent) di Medici?
45. Biblical Quotes $800 Completes the quote: "Behold a Pale Horse, and his name that sat upon him was..." What was "Death?"
46. Biblical Quotes $1000 Jesus taught, "Ye cannot serve God and" this, a word from the Aramaic meaning "riches." What is mammon?
47. New Year Babies $1000 The son of Sol and Miriam, this author whose given names were Jerome David, was born January 1, 1919. Who was J.D. Salinger?
48. Playwrights $600 Owen Wister co-wote aplay based on this, his most famous novel. What was "The Virginian?"
49. Playwrights $80 He wrote the screenplay for Marilyn Monroe's last completed film. Who is Arthur Miller?
50. Playwrights
$1000 A forerunner of expressionist drama, he's been called Sweden's greatest writer. Who was August Strindberg?
51. China $200 The Chinese believe that jewelry made of this will bring good health. What is jade?
52. China $400 In the "Pinyin" system of writing, his given name is spelled Z-E-D-O-N-G. Who was Chairman Mao (Tse Tung)?
53. China
$600 Revolutionary who became the first provisional president of China when the last emperor was deposed. Who was Sun Yat-Sen?
54. China $800 Taught in all schools, it's called "Putonghua" or "The Common Language" by the Chinese. What is Mandarin?
55. China $1000 These ships with tall sails have eyes painted on the bows so they can "see" their way. What are junks?
56. Plants $200 Every May Holland, Michigan, holds a festival in honor of this flower. What are tulips?
57. Plants $400 The canoe variety of this tree is the largest of its species. What is the birch?
58. Plants $600 In 1792 Captain William Bligh introduced this tree into Jamaica in the West Indies. What are breadfruit?

59. The Census

Three of the six U.S. States averaging fewer than ten people per square mile.

What are Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada and North and South Dakota.

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